The Gunslinger



The Gunslinger is the perfect off-body carry solution for any environment, from riding motorbikes to using as a go bag. Designed by South West Holsters and manufactured by TAAKMAG, this product is perfect for civilian and tactical users.

Get your Gunslinger and enjoy the convenience of a tough and durable bag for any situation.

Each order includes:

Main Gunslinger bag
Single mag keeper
Rear body strap
(Manufactured to order. Please allow 10 working days for delivery)

Selecting a Right or Left-Handed Gunslinger

Choosing between a right-handed or left-handed gunslinger depends on your dominant hand for drawing your firearm:

  • If you draw your firearm with your right hand, opt for a right-handed gunslinger.
  • If you draw your firearm with your left hand, opt for a left-handed gunslinger.

This choice ensures optimal comfort and efficiency in handling your weapon.

The Gunslinger
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